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Since its inception 1993, Jason Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporters, Supplier, reenactment and Reproducer of all kind of Bullion Wire Badges, Uniform Accessories & Accoutrements, Caps & Visors, Masonic Regalia Products, Orthodox Products, Flag Accessories, and Scottish Items.

These are categorized products that we deal:-
ALL UNIFORM BRAIDS, LACES, TRIMS, AND RIBBON :-Navy Laces, RAF  Laces, Civilian Laces, Royal Household Laces, Gold or silver coloured metallic laces, Gold or silver coloured Mylar laces, Artillery Laces, Bias and Stand (B & S) Army Laces, Thistle Leaf Laces, Granby Army Laces, Oak Leaf Army Laces, Shamrock Army Laces, Staff Army Laces, Other Army Laces, Cellophane Navy Laces , Gilt Orris Navy Laces, Gilt wire navy laces, maple leaf laces, Royal Livery Laces, Navy Plated wire laces, Lord Lieutenants sash laces, Infantry Sword knot laces, Household cavalry sling laces, Royal Tank Regiment Black bar staff lace, Herringbone sword knot laces, French Mylar laces, Diamond Point Laces, Staff Mylar laces, Shamrock gold and silver laces.

HAND EMBROIDERED BADGES, EMBLEMS & BULLION CRESTS:-Blazer & Bullion Badges, Emblems, Family Crests, Metal Badges, Insignias, Military Badges, Zari Badges, Machine Made Badges, Cap Badges, Rank Badges, Regalia & Regimental Badges, Club Badges, School Badges, Yacht Club & Golf Club Badges, Coat Of Arms, Flags, Banners, Pennants, Flag Stands & Flag Poles, Clan Crests, Embroidered Pillows, Fashion Badges, Hand Embroidery Key Rings, Army Emblems, Navy Emblems, Embroidered Emblems, Embroidered Seals, Sequin Patches, Beaded Patches, Motifs & Presentation Plaques.

UNIFORM ACCESSORIES & ACCOUTREMENTS:-Dress Cords, Laces, Whistle Cords, Chin Cords, Trimmings, Buttons,  Aiguillettes, Neck Ties, Cords, Belts, Leather Belts, Sword knots, Sword Belts, Sam Browne Belts, Hat Cords, Leather Belts, Holsters, Shoulder Boards, Epaulettes, Gargets, Collar tabs, Ranks & Cuffs, Chevrons , Cuff-titles, Arms Bands, Jackets, Sash, Hackles & Plumes, Command Sticks, Chin Straps, Lanyards & Tassels. Gloves, Army & Pace Sticks, Apron Cords, Curtain Cords, Printed Flags, Flags, Pipe Banners, Pennants .

WWI & WWII REPRODUCTIONS:-Wide range of German WW1 & WW2 Military Uniforms German Badges, Machine Made & Woven Bevo, German Insignias, German Flags, German Field gear & Combat Equipment, German Hats & Caps, German metal Badges, German Buttons in many Styles, Helmet covers, All styles German Boots and Collar Tabs, Heer Army, Waffen, Enlisted Man-NCO, Bevo, Cuff Titles, Shoulder Boards & Banners, Accessories & Accoutrements.

CAPS & VISORS:-Panzer Field Caps, French General Caps, Uniform Cap Visors, Peak Caps, Directly Embroidered Uniform Caps, Baseball Caps, Army Caps, Navy Caps, Air Force Caps, Military Caps, Felt hat, Wool Beret Caps, Glengarry hat, Mylar Cap Visors, Twill Caps, Drill Caps with sew on embroidery, Embroidered Peaks, Leather Caps & hats, Bullion Peaks, Fez Caps, Visor Caps, Honour Caps, Shako hat,  Officer Caps, Mini Caps and Peaks, Bullion Cap Visors, Balmorals Hat, Kepis and Air Forces Caps.

R.A.O.B REGALIA:-Degree sash with lodge name and shield, Regal sash, PGP sash with province and year, Knights chapter sash with office & name, Funeral marshal sash with a name of a province, Plain sash, Provincial officers, Great priory officers, KT. companion sash, Commander sash, Divisional officers sash, G. officer patriarchal sash, Cordon sash, Kangaroo king of sashes, CP king of sashes, KOM king of sashes, King of sashes diamond striped, PGP/PGL sash-plain, PGP/PGL sash-diamond striped, KTS. Chapter sash, Plain Diamond Stripe Sash, KOM Emperor Sash, ROH Emperor Sash. Aprons, Collars & Gauntlets Apron fully embroidered with degree and lodge with fringe, Gauntlets embroidered with emblems, Embroidered Collars in fullest range.

MASONIC REGALIA & FRATERNAL REGALIA:- Craft Regalia, Craft Provincial District & London Grand Rank Regalia, Grand Officers Regalia, Royal Arch Regalia, Royal Arch Provincial District & London Grand Rank Regalia, Supreme Grand Chapter Regalia, Mark Degree Regalia, Mark Provincial London & District Grand Rank Regalia, Grand Mark Officers Regalia, Royal Ark Mariner Regalia, Knights & Preceptors Regalia, Knights of Malta Regalia, H R A Knights Templar Priests, Royal & Select Masters (Cryptic Degree) Regalia, Order of the Secret Monitor, Red Cross of Constantine Regalia, St John The Evangelist Regalia, Allied Masonic Degrees, Rose Croix and Cases.

CIVIL WAR REPRODUCTIONS:-Acw Uniforms, Indian Wars uniforms, Accoutrements, brogans, American Civil War ,  Confederate, Union, Victorian Costumes, Firearms, Presenting, American Civil war caps, Great Coats, Officers overcoat, Fatigue Blouse dresses, Frock coat, Shell jackets, World war one uniforms, World war two uniforms, Civil war Shirts, Civil war Trousers, Civil war Field Blouse, Officers cloak coat, Sack coat, Victorian Traveling coat, Ulster coat, Military Vest, New York Zouave Uniforms, Mexican jacket and trousers, Relaxing suits, officers uniforms, civilian wears, monastic uniforms, etc.

SCOTTISH WEAR:-Cummerbunds & Accessory Sets, Kilts & Kilt Outfits, Sporrans & Sporran Flasks, Fly Plaids & Plaid Brooches, Belts & Buckles, Sign Dubhs, Kilt Pins, Kilt Flashes & Garter Ties, Cap Badges, Glengarries,Socks, Brogues & Shoes.

NOTE: If you do not find any item required by you on our website, you can provide us your own SAMPLE or complete pictures along with all details. We have the production facilities to meet your all requirements.For more details please contact us.

Jason Industries

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Manufacturers, Exporters, Reproducer & Supplier of All Kind of Bullion Wire badges, Uniforms & Accessories, Masonic Products & Church Supplies

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08 August, 2016
Membership: Chamber of Commerce & Industry. A-35613

Kindly Attention
Pictures ,information,... on our website are limited .Pictures are limited of some products on our website just for formality.These are some which we made for our customers . More pictures we can send you at your request or demand concerning anything or any product ....You can also send your specifications ,pictures or details regarding anything of what you want and in reply we will give you the information ,prices ......anything or whatever depending on your inquiry,specifications,questions, .....reply,.... accordingly. Regards Mr.Majid

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Our Registration No: A-35613, Membership: Chamber of Commerce & Industry.